Classroom Lessons

With schools running low on manpower and a lack of resources it is increasingly down to the parents to fill the gaps, that's where I come in. Please get in touch if you would like any more information. 


I run weekly classes in the Southampton, Hampshire area, which are linked to the national curriculum. We have invested in a wide range of high level resources which support children in being able to grasp abstract mathematical concepts. We are better equipped than most classrooms, this means I am able to respond to children's individual needs in the moment. We have a big focus on using resources children can feel and handle as this helps to secure knowledge in a way worksheets can't. Classes are small and have around 8 children in each. 


We focus on Phonics, using and applying children's reading and writing skills through STEM, creative writing, and a variety of sensory activities, to excite and engage children into the wonderful world of learning.


We also currently run 1 weekly Maths class for children in Year 1 or Year 2. We focus on building a solid and deep understanding of numbers which is built on each week. 


Monday: Home Ed @ 09:30
Tuesday: Preschoolers @ 09:30
Tuesday: Home ed @ 13:40-15:15
Tuesday: Year 1 Phonics @ 16:00
Thursday: Year 1 / Year 2 Phonics @ 16:30
Saturday: Year 1 / Year 2 Maths @ 08:45

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