Individualised Educational Plan Consultations

A bespoke package specifically designed to help you support your primary aged child in depth. You will receive a comprehensive plan with easy to follow activities designed for your child and their specific learning goals.

Plans are linked to the national curriculum (where appropriate). I have a vast experience with both children who are at school and home educated.

How it works

Starting from £499

Step 1 - Initial Assessment

If appropriate I will send you an initial assessment to complete prior to our call. We will schedule a video call to discuss your child in depth, during which I will ask for any information you may have from school or any other outside agency.

Step 2 - Development

We will create a set of focus areas for your child to work on and create activities for you to recreate at home to support these targets. You will also receive a list of relevant resources and where to purchase (always within your budget). Most of the activities you will be able to create at home with items you are likely to have already. The activities  will be hands-on, practical and sensory to help you engage your child with ease and avoid any potential disagreements.

Step 3 - Support

Over the next three weeks you will be able to contact me for any support and advice whilst implementing the new plan.

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